Idea of the game

The game is played with 36 cards. The purpose of the game is to get as few penalty pips as possible. The purpose of the round is to get as many pips as possible. Cards count their pip value as follows:

A - 11,

10 - 10,

K - 4,

Q - 3,

J - 2,

6-9 - 0.

There are 120 pips in the deck. A player with the least number of pips gets penalty pips, which are counted as follows:

31-59 pips - 2,

0-30 pips - 4,

no tricks - 6.

If the both players have got 60 pips each, none of them gets penalty pips, but the number of pips any of the players gets in the next round is doubled. The game ends as soon as one of the players gets 12 pips. This player is a loser.

Process of the game

The trump suit is declared. Players are dealt 4 cards each. The first card is led by the player who won the last trick. This player can lead any number of cards of the same suit. The other player is to lay the same number of cards. The cards of the first player are considered covered if all of them are covered. After every turn players take extra cards from the deck so that each hand contains 4 cards. 4 trumps give the right to lead out of turn.