The purpose of the game is to get rid of all cards in a hand.
A deck of 36 cards is used, from 6 to Ace.
At the beginning of the game each player gets 5 cards.
There are no trump suits in the game.
The deck is laid in the middle of the table.
The first move is made by a player who has more points in his hand or won the previous game.
He lays any card.
The next player can cover this card with a card of the same suit.
It is only possible to lay a card of the same value if it is a six that is covered.
If a player does not have a required card, he has to take cards from the deck until he takes out a card required or the deck comes to the end.
If there are no more cards in the deck, the upper card of a pile of open cards is taken away and left open on the table, the rest of the cards are turned over and serve as a deck again.
Some cards require certain actions from the next player after they have been played:

6 take 2 cards from the deck and pass a move.
7 take 1 card from the deck and pass a move.
Ace pass a move.
Queen is a trump. It can cover any card, moreover, the player who has laid a queen can order any suit. The next player passes his move.
The winner is a player who has got rid of the cards in his hand. The loser counts points on the cards which are left in his hand.

Ace 11,
King 4,
Queen 20,
Jack 2,
10 10,
Other cards - 0.
A player who has got 100 points loses a game.
Playing by these rules can take a long time.

There are the following versions of the game:

1) If a player does not have a card required, he can only take one card from the deck.
2) A player who laid a queen hands the move over to his opponent after the suit has been set.
3) Cards can be laid both by suit of by value.