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 SKTracker this is program allowing You to trace changes on Your PocketPC.

As example, having done two records of the condition of the system,
before and after the installation of some software,
You will be able to learn about changes fom system.
You will be also able to use information for full removing software from system.

SKTracker features:
  • writing the current condition of the file system
  • writing the current condition of the registry
  • writing the current condition of the databases
  • comparison and suitable viewing result
  • start of Your file manager and registry editor from viewing window
  • a removing new or changed files and registry keys
  • keeping to information in compressed type
  • export information to text file
  • pre-defined rules
  • 2 special rules for control of places of probable harmful programs intrusion (just in case)
  • shortcut wizard
  • support several languages of the interface
  • QVGA/VGA support
  • WM2003/WM2003(SE)/WM5 PocketPC and Smartphones/WM6 Standard, Classic and Professional compatible


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