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Ranking Steps

Game uses the deck without Joker (52 cards). The purpose of the game is to move all cards into the foundation columns. The foundation column can be built 1 : same rank, 2 : same rank, 3 : same rank, 4 : same rank, 5 : same rank, 6 : same rank, 7 : same rank, 8 : same rank, 9 : same rank, 10 : same rank, 11 : same rank, 12 : same rank, 13 : same rank by any color from Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack,Queen,King. The 8 tableau columns are build up or down by any color. Only one card can be moved at a time. Any card may be moved into empty tableau spaces. Next foundation cannot be built until previous one is fully completed. There is no redeal.

Scoring: Standard. Move card to Tableau: +5. Move card to Foundation: +10. Turn over Tableau card: +5. Move card from Foundation: -15. You lose two points every 10 seconds and there is a bonus for a fast finish.

This image is a schematic representation, not a screenshot from the game. Screenshots are platform specific. You can see screenshots in the store.

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