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World's first CAB file editor working on a Windows Mobile device!

   CABIntegr features:
  • Creating new CAB files
  • Editing CAB files
    • Adding files
    • Adding multiple files in one operation
    • Adding registry keys
    • Importing registry keys from REG files
    • Adding custom* shortcuts
    • CAB files compression supported**
    • Pre- and post- XML provisioning files supported
    • Managing storage of information needed for the program removal
  • Viewing all CAB files which are available on the device
  • Viewing contents of CAB files
  • Extracting contents from CAB files
  • Creating new CAB Provisioning files
  • Converting REG files to CAB files
  • "Create Installer" option***
  • Scripts support in "Installer"
  • Support several languages of the interface
  • (W)QVGA/(W)VGA support
  • Windows Mobile 5/6 Classic and Professional compatible

* shortcut target will be exist on device or in CAB file
** only MSZIP
*** "Installer" it is executable file. This executable include one or more files and can install or execute it after start.

Users manual (PDF)

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