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This program is designed to help beginners improve their knowledge of the standard music notation as well as train their memory. When a random note from Octaves 3-5 is shown on a note stave please find its correct name in the list and tap "GO". Tap "Hint" to get a hint.



WT (short for Word Trainer} is a handy tool for studying a foreign language by learning new words from user-created dictionaries which you can make as many as you need. E.g. here you can download a small sample dictionary containing about 800 most frequently used English words along with their semicolon-separated Russian equivalents (variants of translation can be separated from each other with commas). You can also create such dictionaries in any language provided that you have the corresponding localization on your PDA so that you can read special characters and input answers correctly.The dictionary can in be written in unicode. Tap the grey dictionary name box to change the active dictionary. You can examine your knowledge of words in both directions: foregn-native and native-foreign modes can be toggled between by tapping the button with two arrows in the program menu. In case of difficulties a hint option is available. You can also skip the current word and jump to the next or previous one by tapping buttons.


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