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SK Puzzles Pack contents 10 different puzzle games: Peg Solitaire, Flip Flop, Color Swap, MoveIt, Ramses, Alternate, CircleSol, Slider, Sokoban, Knight's Tour with some variations and extended rules.

Peg Solitaire:
It’s required to remove all the tiles from the board, except the last one, or to fulfill the condition set by the rules – ‘jumping’ with any of the tiles over the adjacent ones.

Once tapped on, a tile changes its color. So do the adjacent tiles. Make the entire board to be of the standard color.

Color Swap:
To swap places of differently colored tiles.

Ramses (C) Karl Scherer. (Not included to installation package, available from this site):
A tile can only be moved onto the adjacent field occupied by another tile (the latter is removed). You are only allowed to move a tile in one direction- the direction changes with every new move clockwise. Only one tile is to be left on the board.

Alternate (C) Karl Scherer. (Not included to installation package, available from this site):
You have randomly filled board (for this reason not all tileset can have the solve). Remove (by tap) all tiles. You have to alternate the size of the number you tap (bigger, smaller, bigger,... or the other way round: smaller, bigger, smaller, bigger,...). Furthermore, the number chosen must be next (orthogonally or diagonally) to the previous number. You win if you can capture all tiles.

Move the highlighted tile(s) onto the marked field(s). In different versions of this game there are 2 possible directions of moving tiles: either 1) movement onto any free field(s); or 2) vertical tiles are only moved up and down, and horizontal tiles are moved sideward only.

Once a tile of the standard color is tapped on, it is removed from its field and its adjacent tiles change their color. The highlighted tiles cannot be removed. Remove all the tiles except one.

Arrange the tiles one after another – according to their numbers.

The object of Sokoban is to push all tiles to marked position. The player controls the "man" (marked tile) and the "man" can only push tiles and only one at a time.

Knight's Tour
The "Knight's Tour" is an ancient puzzle in which the object is to move a "knight", starting from any square on a "chessboard", to every other square, landing on each square only once.

Game features:
- more than 500 levels in 17 game sets (different rules, different difficulties)
- you can make your own game sets (a sample included)
- 300+ external levels
- 4 game themes
- you can make your own themes (external themes available)
- random mode
- full ‘Undo’
- save game state at exit
- QVGA, VGA support
- WM2003(SE),WM5 PocketPC and WM5 Smartphones, WM6 Standard, Classic and Professional support

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