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  • Viewing and editing the binary files
  • Buffer of the changes (Undo operation)
  • Creating a new file
  • Searching in file (hex/ascii/unicode)
  • Insert/Delete byte(s) (increase/decrease file size)
  • Copy/paste function
  • Highlighting of the block
  • Comparison of the open file with any others
  • Record result comparisons in file
  • Writing the changes to file
  • Import of the changes from file
  • Converter and calculator
  • Bookmarks
  • Highlighting by colour of the changes, result of searching, bookmarks and comparisons
  • Font size customisation
  • Multnguage support (english, german, russian, spanish, french and italian)
  • QVGA/VGA support
  • WM2003(SE)/WM5/WM6 compatible

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