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  • screenshots will be saved in PNG format (if possible)
  • "Import colors theme" command in configuration tool
  • fixed /TODAY option for menu background

  • small bug fixes

  • full screen menu mode added
  • standard image for activation area (#STDICON in image field)
  • changed standard close/ok button skin
  • freeup ram service support added
  • added settings for menu item height
  • added color settings for 2nd Indicator
  • now possible setup individual colors menus

- Added "Standard TaskBar" mode:
You can call menu or command with tap and tap-and-hold on this task bar area:
Start button, Radio icon, Volume icon, Close button.
- SKMenu can show list of SIP and select SIP.
- Added macros for show space in MB on indicators.
- Program work now more faster.

- added 2nd indicator panel
- time and date macros for indicator

- improved "HW buttons" tab in skmcfg.exe
- fixed #viewclog command for WM5,WM6
- #clearclog need installed SKTools on WM5,WM6 devices
- improved "close" function
- improved OK button emulation
- settings for SKMenu process priority
- settings for tasks panel fixed width


- added "New menu" emulation (for the whole menu and for any of the elements)
- added possibilities for turning off special background for icons and turning off showing icons
- added a menu to close applications (#closetasks)
- menu width can be fixed by user
- command for switching tasks improved
- fixed doubling of switching tasks panel width on VGA devices
- fixed showing icons in tray
- fixed tab functionality to associate commands with buttons


- Task Switch Panel
- User can create shortcuts for commands
- PocketPC2002 not supported


- Global settings for save screen function (settings in menu have priority)
- Simple dialog for add new shortcuts
- Quick way for add some items to menu
- Improved work from storage cards
- SKMenu select menu position with dependence from last user tap (decrease stylus moving distance )
- Improved work from buttons or shortcuts
- Divide main and menu settings in 2 windows ( tabs) for a better overview
- Text template (#keyword) now can have only one parameter - template text
- Shortcut (#cmd) now can have only one parameter - path

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