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  • improved settings window
  • xy.exe (screen coordinates tool) improved for (W)VGA screens


  • watch for registry (WM5+)
  • UI improved for finger
  • user can call owner information dialog from About tab
  • arrays support in script
  • new commands #setitem, #getitemsnum, #removeallitems, #regmathall, #file2array, #readfromfile, #setprofile, #ping
  • compression support for #wrecord


  • new layout of "queue" window
  • added auto snooze feature
  • added dialog for select registry path
  • added settings: "Safe mode", "Vibration LED index"


  • new, more simple, format for scripts (old format also supported
  • command #tap extended for emulate move stylus - #tap(X1;Y1[;X2;Y2])
  • prevent lost events if changed time on device
  • action D-Pad button will unlock screen, locked by #lock
  • some small fixes


  • FreeUP RAM service support
  • fix for wlanon, wlanoff commands on HP210
  • #bton will enable BT with "discoverable" state
  • "Lock/UnLock" screen commands
  • SKVPL (vibrating ringtones) integrated to SKSCHEMA package
  • Watch for messaging: added "move message" action
  • Watch for messaging: "Subject/Sender substring" parameter can have many substrings with ';' delimiter
  • Watch for power: added wakeup event
  • Watch for connections: added "WiFi connected" and "BT Handsfree connected" (WM5+)


- Watch for Messaging (new messages)
- Watch for storage cards (insert/remove)
- Watch for CellID
- run/skip event sequence definition
- record wav file (#wrecord)
- work with clipboard (#clipget/#clipset)
- get pixel color (#getpxlclr)
- extended #copyfile, #move and #delete commands
- color selection for reminder window
- command #brightness now support HTC Elf device


- decreased size, increased speed
- added sound script support for reminder (Wav only)
- added commands #startsound, #stopsound, #stopallsounds
- added command for short access to system bubbles
- added commands for prevent backlight off and power off (device dependent)
- some fixs


- watch for any connection (connect/disconnect), wm5 only, without any connection data
- watch for power (AC line ON/OFF events)
- watch for power level
- today plugin: added "text space"
- added script command #todaytext for setup text on "text space"
- added @dayofweek macro
- added #connections command (list of active connections)
- improved work with variables
- added #substr, #pos, #length commands
- #brightness for some devices
- ability to schedule events like "every first friday of every month"
- documented #getmute, #setmute, #sendussd
- #gsmon fix for some devices


- commands for get date/time #getdate, #gettime
- screen rotate command #rotate
- very device dependent screen brightness command #brightness
- some small fixs


- improved work with notification queue, it prevents loss of records on some WM5 devices
- extended "window-related" commands
- extended #copyfile command
- added #led command (LED control)
- today plugin now support navigation buttons
- some small changes and fix
- more script samples page to our site added
- tutorials (.pdf/.html) on our webpage added


- Commands for work with zip files
- Commands for on/off SIP
- Fix #gsmon for some WM5 devices


- Commands for work with registry
- Get text dialog
- Commands for get current sound volume
- Commands for get current current power state and battery level
- Some small changes and fixes
- Script samples page to our site added


- Watch for phone events like call(ring), answer, connect, disconnect, phone on/off, incoming sms. SKScheMa can run command/script/program for all this events.
- User can set icon for script shortcut
- extended commands: #msg, #yesno, #okcancel
- new commands: #answer, #hangup, #phonevol
- new "chk" commands: #chkwatch, #chkcid, #chkincid
- fixed "mute" function (#vol(16))


- User can set a range of events to be shown in the Today plug
- User can set a font for the reminder window
- Screen coordinates detection and stylus-tap emulation commands creation features
- New commands for events and scripts:
-- Files and folders copying, moving and deletion operations
-- Script execution control commands, conditional and unconditional transfers
-- Usage of numerical variables in a script and their value check-up. Examples of the typical use are check-up of dates and creation of cycles.
-- Commands for substitution of the current date and time
-- Establishing and cutting off Internet connection
-- Commands for controlling the queue of events and the watch mode
-- Many commands for the device condition check-up, e. g. 'is the screen on?' or 'is the phone on?'
-- Other commands.
- Direct execution of a script or a planned event from the program window (the 'Execute' command)


- Watch for windows activation and title changes
- Command for change today themes (#theme)
- Commands for toggle wiriless state (#togglewlan, #togglebt, #togglegsm)
- Play random file from folder
- Enable/disable events in Notify Queue created by SKSchema

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