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  • improved FreeUP RAM for some devices
  • some fixes
  • TuneUP!: added tweak "Enable/Disable Call Record menu item" (WM6.5+)
  • "File Explorer": set/clear file attributes for current item
  • extendent tweaks definitions file format
  • 4.4 -> 4.5 compatibility fixes
  • New settings storage subsystem.
  • New tool - "File Explorer": copy, move, rename, delete, preview for some file types, change attributes, create shortcuts, open, open with....
  • Because SKTools is one from "the first installation programs" - we have removed demo restrictions in File Explorer, Registry Explorer and SKTools Backup tools.
  • "Databases": added "Mount volume" command. This command allows you to view the database in currently unmounted volume.
  • "Installed Programs": added "Installation folder" column.
  • "Installed Programs": deep scan after uninstall.
  • Shortcut Wizard: added shortcut for toggle screen rotation (portrait - landscape).
  • Shadow Services: added "Keep backlight" service. This service prevent backlight off and device sleep mode.
  • Messages: added "Move" command.
  • Messages: added "Only these folders" filter.
  • Temporary and Cache Folders: added cache cleaner for some versions of YouTube and HTC Album applications.
  • Invalid Registry Entry: added cleaner for Start Menu icons definitions.
  • Added Exclude list for close tasks command.
  • Menu "Tools" reorganization ("About" submenu).
  • Added "Tools->Control panel" command.
  • new option "Windows"
  • UI improved
  • Registry cleaner special rules for HTC HD2 and Samsung Omnia II
  • improved Opera cache detection
  • improved registry cleaner
  • added "Create shortcut (Kill)" command in "Processes"
  • "Aliases": "Create shortcut" command
  • "Contacts" and "PIM Categories": commands "Set Picture" and "Remove Picture" for contacts
  • Settings and "TuneUP!" interface improved (long tap for icon will call list of tabs)
  • "Recurring Appointments": added start time setting for Anniversary and Birthdays events
  • Registration window: added "Owner" menu command
  • Improved for finger: "File selection" and some other dialogs, mark/unmark items
  • "All registry backup" improved
  • Improved settings window
  • The color scheme can be selected in the settings
  • Small improvements and bug fixes
  • WM6.5 gestures support in main menu and settings window
  • Small improvements and bug fixes
  • Registry Explorer: "Cut" operation
  • Registry Explorer: improved "Edit" dialog
  • MakeCAB: cestrings templates (optional)
  • Network Tools: GPRS Connections. With Action menu user can Disable/Enable connections.
  • Network Tools: Wake On Lan
  • Contacts: "Replace" operation: characters ',' ';' ' ' supported as delimiters for field names
  • Main Settings: "Finger-oriented interface elements"
  • ListView columns auto-width fix for WM6.5
  • WM2003(SE) is not supported any longer
  • Added "Contacts" option
    • show all contacts or search by substring
    • add/remove category
    • delete selected contacts
    • "Replace" operation (replace text in selected field(s))
    • "Set" operation (set text for selected field)
  • Revised Databases option
  • "Recurring Appointments": added command for creating recurring AllDay events from contacts birthday and anniversary
  • commandline parameter #SCANC for creating recurring AllDay events from contacts birthday and anniversary
  • "PIM Category": it is now possible to create a new category not only for contacts, but also for tasks and appointments
  • "PIM Category": "Set Ringtone" command (only for contacts)
  • fixed: Find in mail body error
  • REG to CAB converter now supports REG file commands for deleting keys and values
  • "Registry Explorer" setting: Show message before and after REG file import
  • "Network Tools" setting: Establish connection
  • "Installer": optional dialog before installation/extraction
  • Settings->Main Settings->Installer: Show Dialog
  • Settings->Main Settings->Installer: Silent installation
  • Settings->Main Settings->Compress CAB files
  • Shortcut Wizard: items sorted now
  • Now possible to create CAB files with SKTools! Added possibility of creating a CAB file on the basis of the installed program(s). Also added possibility of converting REG files to CAB files.
  • "Registry Explorer" now able to add data to existing files in the export operation.
  • Speedup "PIM Categories" option.
  • "Duplicate Files": added "include filter", now possible to use regular expressions.
  • Added SKTools setting "Only one standard SKTools instance".
  • Added SKTools setting "SKTools temporary folder".
  • new "PIM Information" option (rework of "Delete PIM Information"):
    • delete contacts, task, appointments, call history and Messaging data
    • delete user-created POP3 and IMAP accounts as well
    • export/import selected items to/from XML files
  • improved graphics
  • added "Sort the main menu" setting (none/by name/by usage)
  • "Processes": added view and change the priority for threads
  • "Processes": added "Priority" column
  • "Processes": aded Action->Priority command
  • fix for sorting columns in "Processes"
  • commandline parameter #PY(process.exe) #UP|#DN for change process priority
  • "Storage Analyzer": for "Storage Usage" and "File Types" added PIE Chart
  • Full backup, PIM backup, Messaging backup now can include user readable XML data, user can extract it if he have problems with restoring
  • SKTools backup settings: added "Exclude from backup", "Store PIM and Messaging Items as XML"
  • SKTools backup commands: added "Restore PIM (XML)", "Restore Messaging (XML)"
  • "Messages" now can find substrings in messages body (in old versions only in subj/sender/recipient)
  • call history export command called from Tools->Call History menu will save result to CSV, called from "PIM Information" will save result to XML
  • AC/Battery Resuming Suspend Timeout tweaks added

  • Network Tools option added. With Ping, Trace Route, Port Scanner, Lookup, Whois (smart), HTTP GET, Network information tools.
  • "Installed programs": Find all applications - optional feature which shows executable files not registered in system as "installed". Only for WM5/WM6 devices.
  • Extended screenshot function: now possible to save image in PNG format (if system support it, otherwise - BMP), added Tools -> Screenshot menu item, added path for screenshots in settings.
  • fixed alternative registry backup path feature (registry cleaner)

  • Now SKTools can move Opera 9 cache to user selected location
  • Detect and clean Opera 9 cache
  • Support for custom (user defined) tweaks from external files (*.ctwsk)
  • TuneUP!-a2dp tab renamed to TuneUP!-Bluetooth
  • New TuneUP! tab: Custom tweaks

  • "Files": new tool for bulk rename files from a template
  • Regular expressions support (optional) for "Files", "Databases->Replace", "SIM Contacts->Replace", "Messages", "Registry search and replace"
  • Added new category "Last used", this category show 5 last used tools
  • "Databases": CEVT_STREAM type (EDB) supported in the import/export option (as example "Notes" field in contacts)
  • "Storage Cards": ScanDisk tool (check and repairs logical FAT errors) shown percent of complete process
  • "Storage Cards": shown file system type (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32) for cards
  • "Storage Cards": call of Defragment tool is shown as "gray" if disabled in settings (in old versions this menu item is not shown if disabled)
  • Hard Reset command is shown as "gray" if disabled in the settings (in old versions this menu item is not shown if disabled)
  • Added "Skip storage cards" setting for "Temporary and Junk files" option

  • new "File Information" option
  • improved "Clean!" option (not need 2nd rescan)
  • "Shadow Services": added information about main service state
  • "TuneUP!": added tweak for displays or hides the network time zone synchronization user interface on the Clock and Alarms applet (WM6.1)
  • "TuneUP!": added tweak for disable SMS threaded conversation view (WM6.1)

  • "Shadow Services" option added. This option include: FreeUP RAM Service, PIE Cleaner, Shadow Cleaner. This services clean and optimizes memory in background (unnoticeable to the user)
  • Improved interaction of "Registry Editor" and "Registry Search" options
  • Added some new devices to "Benchmark" option
  • Improved "silent" mode for "Auto Clean!"

  • 4.3.2
    • New option "Device Drivers" added. This option allow user view and manage available device drivers.
    • In this version we have considered wishes of users about functions of the Registry Editor:
      • Opportunities of renaming, copying and inserting of keys and values are added.
      • Possibility to copy name of selected key or value to clipboard.
      • Export function of the selected values improved.

    • added "Messages" option (allow mass messages find and delete)
    • SFX "Files backup"
    • from main context menu possible create special shortcut for options which support "Auto Clean" mode. With this shortcut SKTools execute in auto mode only this option.
    • added registry import capability to delete keys and values
    • "Installer" support txt files ("for action", show content of the file and user can select "OK" or "Cancel")
    • "Create Installer" have "Profile" submenu, for save/load set of files
    • fixed small bug in CABs Manager

    • SKTools Backup:
      • SFX file for full backup (optional)
      • full system backup and files backup can include storage cards (optional)
      • "Files backup" now can include many folders and/or files
      • "big file size" (more than 4G) fix
      • "check storage space for WM5/6" fix
    • TuneUP!: make PIE as default browser tweak added
    • CABs Manager: "Create Installer" for multiple cabs
      • allow add multiple cab files to one executable (for installation)
      • allow add multiple REG files to one executable (for import to registry)
      • allow add multiple EXE files to one executable (for execute)
      • allow add files and folders to one executable (for extract with path)
      • installer support one CAB file installation (#ONE parameter of command line)
      • installer support silent CAB files installation (#S parameter of command line)
    • Notification Queue: added filter for "good" events, this have priority with "bad" filter
    • Improved "File Types" option
    • new splash screen
    • speed and size code optimization

    • Auto backup will work if system authentication dialog enabled
    • Extract with folders command in CABs manager
    • TuneUP!: added "A2DP" tab
    • TuneUP!: added "Security" tab:
      • System authentication settings (you can setup the number of authentication failures before the device will be wiped), WM6 only
      • Hide/unhide Password, Connections, Clock (disable), Network, Beam, Owner applets of Control Panel
    • some WM6.1 versions detection fix

    • FreeUP RAM Service (release RAM in background)
    • FreeUP RAM will try "protect" programs
    • added this tweaks:
      • The delay between times when applications can be launched from Windows Startup (WM6.1).
      • Standard TaskManager refresh settings (WM6.1).
      • Keep/purge SIM contacts from POutlook when the SIM card is removed (WM6.0 AKU 0.3).
      • Display roaming icons in Call History (WM6.0).
      • Interval after which the alarm reminder will be automatically dismissed (WM6.1).
      • If user forward SMS text "FW:" will be added (WM6.0 AKU 0.6).


    - improved "Notification Queue" for work with WM6.1
    - "Input Methods": new setting for default input method (delay in ms.)
    - some options now work more fast
    - added #FILESBAK command line
    - added #HT command line
    - SIM Contacts show more than one sim book


    - added new option "Events"
    - added column "time" in Files option
    - SKTools will check inserted card before make HR
    - added setting for power off device after auto freeup ram
    - in "System Information" added time from last boot and idle time


    - CABs Manager settings - root folder for cabs search
    - CABs Manager: support more CAB types
    - CABs Manager: show information if program from this CAB already installed
    REG files association settings
    - Command line parameters for make screenshots
    - New benchmark items
    - Invalid Registry Values - improved


    new options:

    - CABs Explorer: SKTools shows all CAB, CPF, TSK files on device, shows content (with full names, installation path, registry keys, shortcuts, _setup.xml), extracts files with full names, installs to ANY location (full installation made by SKTools) for WM5/ WM6; Export function for REG files.
    - CABInstl: SKTools can be associated with CAB files.
    - Replaced ROM Files: shows which ROM files have been replaced by another version, shows version and date of these files;
    the user can see if the newest file (the file having the latest time stamp) is, in reality, older than others and, therefore, remove it.
    - Move Data: move application, folders, files to any location with automatic registry and shortcut modification (and other data about files and their paths).
    - Storage Analyzer: shows what files and folders (by types, attributes, ...) are stored on the device.
    Shows storage usage for bases, registry, PIM, messaging, fonts.

    added to existing options:

    - "Delete PIM Information": now it is possible not only to delete messages, but also mail accounts (wm5/wm6).
    - Files: set/clear attributes for selected file(s).
    - Empty Program History without softreset.
    - Added setting for "Past appointments" for users who want to save some old appointments.
    - Added "Search" in Databases viewer.
    - Reboot after scheduled auto cleanup (optional).
    - Added #XML parameter for SKTools commandline, also added to "Shortcut Wizard". This allows user to execute provisioning XML files and to view/save the result.
    - Optimize!: simlified menu, removed settings page, backup for the original settings.
    - Added "Replace" command in "SIM Contacts" option.
    - "Tune UP!": added system and menus font name tweaks.
    - "Tune UP!": "Show debug information in Windows Media Player" tweak.
    - "Tune UP!": lock device with a long press of the "end" button (for HTC Touch).
    - "Tune UP!": Offline Mode for PIE.
    - "Tune UP!": Tweak for the wait cursor speed.
    - "Tune UP!": Messaging "autosave" tweak, this determines the time after which a created but not saved message will be autosaved to the "draft folder".
    - "Tune UP!": different values for PIE User Agent for different AKU.
    - "Tune UP!": single line date plugin tweak (WM6).
    - "Tune UP!": "ClearType level" tweak.

    user interface improved:

    - New information window, with colorized text support.
    - Hardware button to switch between the fav. category and the current category.
    - Shows the number of items in the first column header
    - Shortcut Wizard - shortcut to Empty Program History
    - New main menu categories view style (optional)
    - Chinese language (Simplified Chinese) support


    - improved work on WM6.1
    - Some minor bugs fixed


    - More universal Hard Reset procedure for WM6 devices
    - Some minor bugs fixed


    - different FreeUP RAM methods for WM2003(SE) and WM5/WM6
    - Registry Explorer now can right show REG_NONE values
    - improved work with PIM categories
    - improved standard national keyboards detection in Input Methods option


    - Added "Replace text" command for "Databases". For example if you need to replace the name of the company or a part of telephone number in a lot of contacts - use this option for a database "Contacts Database".
    - "Input methods": now command "Set as default" work safe for third party input methods on WM5/WM6.
    - Added settings for setup location of some SKTools files.


    - Added "CPU Usage" option
    - Freeup RAM speed increased
    - Added scheduler for silent Freeup RAM
    - FreeupRAM dialog now save state
    - Filter function for "Cookies" option
    - "Notification Queue": added "Recreate ActiveSync" command
    - "Databases": added database content viewer
    - Notification Queue: enable/disable events (exclude time dependent events)
    - Windows Startup: enable/disable items
    - Files: show "Search" window


    - added "Services" option
    - "Registry Explorer": user can add/delete bookmarks for fast navigation
    - added commandline for export part of registry
    - import from XML file for EDB databases


    - "Find" menu item for "Installed programs" now find also in item data
    - Number of pages for PIE "back" feature" tweak added
    - some fixs


    - "Move Dll" now detect and change registry links for every moved file. This allow you move, as example, big part of .Net CF 2.0
    - extended storage cache size tweak
    - "PIM categories": "Create category" menu item added, added process indicator message
    - some fixs


    - decrease size of exe, speedup some subsystems
    - call log export to CSV file
    - added new tweaks (some only for WM5+)
    -- PIE tweak "Enable 'Copy' menu item for images"
    -- PIE tweak "Maximum animated gif-images per page"
    -- PIE tweak "Background sound"
    -- PIE tweak "Reading buffer (increase for better downloading)"
    -- PIE tweak "Page width in "PC mode""
    -- Tweak "Scrolling by D-pad" for Word and Notes
    -- Outlook tweak "Inbox sort order"
    -- more "colors" tweaks
    - "Installed Programs": "Deep scan" (for information only) in registry
    - call hidden system defragmentation utility in option "Storage cards"
    - some fixs


    - added "Expired Tasks" option
    - commandline parameters for backup/restore registry
    - commandline parameter for import REG files
    - Expired Tasks, Duplicate Tasks, Duplicate Contacts, Past Appointments, Duplicate Appointments, Recurring Appointments added "Show" command to context menu, now user can view all item properties and edit it
    - "Duplicate files": exclude filter added
    - added Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) tweak


    - Input Methods now show individual icons (if presented)
    - Invalid Registry Entry, Invalid Registry Values, Windows Startup, Input Methods, Today Plugins: user can call Registry Explorer for selected item
    - "Registry Explorer": import REGEDIT4 files
    - "Registry search": search in REG_BINARY, supported UNICODE/ASCII/HEX methods
    - Checking for updates and news
    - Auto reload if UI language changed
    - After loading option from shortcut program exit by OK button
    - Speedup some subsystem
    - Small fixs


    - "Registry Explorer" (registry viewer/editor/new/export/import/backup) option added.
    - "Buttons" section of TuneUP! option improved. Added standard macros.
    - Added some new devices to benchmark database
    - Improved "Notification queue" option work for WM5 devices
    - added Dutch language UI


    - new "PIM categories" option (WM5 only). This can help delete/rename PIM categories
    - now user can tune FreeUP RAM option
    - "TuneUP!": added "Buttons" section (softkeys and hardware buttons)
    - "Registry search": now possible search in REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_DWORD, if sktools found value - user can edit this value


    -"Registry search" utility added
    -"TuneUP!": Messaging (outlook) files relocation tweak
    -"Messaging files" autodetect improved
    -"Invalid Registry Values" work improved
    -"Bad shortcuts" work improved
    -"SIM Contacts" mass PIM -> SIM copy option
    -Added "Registry" category to "View" menu


    - Registry optimization (WM5 only), can free 30K-1M main storage space
    - Messaging Files option
    - "Show SIM items" tweak
    - "Decode HTML messages" tweak
    - "Delete PIM data": now possible delete Messaging data (messages)
    - "Windows Startup": now possible delete services
    - "Databases": added EDB bases export to xml
    - "System information": extended information about the battery
    - "Invalid Registry Entries": find and delete also empty keys
    - French, Spanish, Italian UI added
    - some small fixes
    - File open dialog: added "new folder", "rename" commands


    - User interface improved
    - Help file rewritten

    New utilities added:
    - "Clean!" (all clean-up utilities combined in a single window; highly customizable)
    - "SIM Contacts" (view and manage contacts stored on SIM)
    - "SIM SMS" (view and manage text messages stored on SIM)
    - "Benchmark" (estimate CPU and file system performance, compare to other device models)
    - FreeUP RAM utility now has its own dialog, allowing user to select one of the following ways to free RAM: close all programs; send WM_HIBERNATE message; Compact Heaps (WM5 only); simulate low memory condition
    - Compact call history (remove repeated records)
    - Shortcut Wizard (easily create shortcuts to SKTools' features)

    Significant improvements to former utilities:
    Notifications Queue
    - "Bad" items filter (you can teach SKTools what to treat as “bad”)
    - Detected items are passed to "Clean!" and "Auto mode"
    Temporary and Junk files
    - Find and delete zero-sized files
    - New profile added; few changes
    Move DLLs
    - New search method
    Advanced clean
    -"Purge call history" now works on WM5. (Don’t forget to turn it on in Settings)
    - New utility – "Compact call history" – gives an alternative way of cleaning call history by deleting only repeated records (Don’t forget to turn it on in Settings)
    - Shows EDB bases from PIM.vol; you can delete and clean these bases, but not import/export.
    Tune UP!
    - Now 70+ tweaks!
    - New optimization option for WM5 – make ActiveSync log read-only) Statistics
    - Statistics are kept between sessions
    Storage Cards
    - Count "slack information" for storage cards
    - Compact Heaps
    SKTools Backup
    - Full backup on WM5 enabled
    - e-mail and PIM data can be restored from full backup on WM5
    - Advanced scheduler
    Auto mode
    - Advanced scheduler

    - Tweak: Call log size
    - Tweak: Disable warning when installing non-certified application (WM5)
    - Some user interface fix

    - Alternative model of memory management tweak , for WM2003(SE) this stop auto change memory devision
    - Temporary folder for some programs (WM5 tweak)

    - User can select icons for different file types (with preview)
    - Only for WM5. User can 'pin' the Today screen plug-ins. 'Pinned' plug-ins are shown on top of the Today screen and cannot be moved (e. g. during other plug-ins installation)
    - Only for WM5. User can select the color of the topbar and softkeys.

    - Delete PIM information option
    - Added "Colors", "ActiveSync", "Phone Edition", "Fonts" tweaks section. Now SKTools have more than 60 System Tweaks.
    - Extended "System Optimization" option
    - Improved FreeUp RAM option for WM5
    - Improved installer
    - Improved works with cached datas
    - Improved help call (System Tweaks)

    - Cookies Option (with viewer)
    - Extended "Files" option
    - PIM backup/restore for WM2003(SE) and WM5
    - Attempt to free RAM space" in Process option. Also exist direct call from Programs menu "FreeUp RAM". This option can release 50K-2M of RAM
    - TCP/IP section in "System Tweaks" option (5 tweaks)
    - Tweak: Default download location for PIE (WM5)
    - Tweak: GPRS bubble settings
    - Opened TCP/UDP port list in System Information
    - Clean Opera cache
    - Extended "System Optimisation" option
    - Selectable wav file for operation end
    - New wait symbol added
    - skticons.dll can be deleted after sktools closed
    - Program file size optimized

    - System Information->Security policy
    - Boot speedup
    - some command line keys

    - "Duplicate files"
    - new installer
    - VGA support
    - Uninstall program by "SKTools" and "standard" methods for WM5
    - "System optimization"
    - SIP rename
    - Full backup for WM5
    - Clear NetFront cache 2.2.11
    - fixed "Network folder" tweak
    - Check for bad (link to program which no more exist) notify queue items

    - Decreased installation package size

    - some new tweaks
    - help improved

    - Reccuring Appointments
    - bad shortcuts can be fixed
    - "Undo" for Dll mover

    - System tweaks as separate option
    - DLL mover as separate option
    - Find duplicate appointments by "time+name+subj"
    - Backup folder (by user selection)

    - added possibility for separate restore files from backup file
    - "File types"

    - some fixs

    - program speedup
    - some fixs

    - "System Information" extended
    - "Aliases"


    - now SKTools make complete backup to one file
    - better process killer subsystem
    - SKTools display more information about backup files
    - separately "Close all process" operation before backup/restore
    - You can select in settings what SKTools option window will be load after SKTools started
    - You can select wait cursor type
    - some small UI fix and update


    - increased speed for all operations
    - remake toolbar
    - main options list by category filter
    - added "Action" command
    - System Memory And Speed section in options
    - sound after end of operation(s)
    - exclude list for "Bad shortcuts"
    - added mask to "Invalid Registry Values" for support Resco keyboard

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