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  • Network Tools option added. With Ping, Trace Route, Port Scanner, Lookup, Whois (smart), Network information tools.
  • Screenshot function added.


  • added "Device Drivers" option


  • added "Messages" option (allow mass messages find and delete)
  • added "SKTools Backup": backup/restore files (SFX module), restore registry backups from cleaner modules. This option NOT INCLUDE full system backup.
  • added registry import capability to delete keys and values
  • "Files": set/clear attributes for selected file(s).
  • "CABs Manager": "Create Installer" for multiple cabs:
    • allow add multiple cab files to one executable (for installation)
    • allow add multiple REG files to one executable (for import to registry)
    • allow add multiple EXE files to one executable (for execute)
    • allow add multiple TXT files to one executable (for show)
    • allow add files and folders to one executable (for extract with path)
  • small fixes


- added "CABs Manager" option
- added "Services" option
- now possible export data from XML file for EDB databases
- added command line switch for make screenshoots
- some small fixes


- added TuneUP! option
- some bugs fixed


- first release

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