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SKTools is a 'all-in-one' maintenance tool for Windows Mobile. It features all needs to keep your PPC alive and - even better - improves speed and memory. It's easy to use. Even unexperienced users should not have a problem using it. Really worth buying!

Alex Januschewsky

Most complete swiss knife for ppc full compatible with wm6.

Paolo D'orazio

One of the best...has been for years!

Ben Stanley

It is the number one cleanup utility, I used it the first time for notification queue issues. Ever since, I used it to clean my temp files, invalid registry entries, empty pocket pc databases, find duplicate/missing shortcuts, etc. It is a swiss army knife of utilities.

Remzi Semsettin Turer

Allows you to optimize and keep your system running clean all the time. It uninstalls programs and orphans in your your registry, optimizes your device, clears memory of temporary files. Also provides a backup of your registry before changes as well as a full device backup.

Steven Hughes

Best all-in-one system tool!

Werner Ruotsalainen

Very powerful and simple interface, but the level of choices can be fairly daunting for a newcomer.

Jen Edwards

Monitor, tweak, backup, cleanup…does it all!

Nate Adcock

Extremely useful addon, for the advanced and basic user. offers numerous abilities. One of the first software I installed after a fresh Hard reset of my device. Keep on doing the excellent job!

Amir Keren

SKTools Lite is freeware for WM5 Smartphones.
Lite version include this SKTools options:
  • Clean!
  • Invalid registry entries
  • Invalid registry values
  • Temporary and Cache folders
  • Temporary and Junk Files
  • Bad Shortcuts
  • Benchmark
  • System Information
  • Registry Search
  • Notification Queue
  • Delete PIM information
  • Auto Clean
  • Compact or Purge call log
  • FreeUP RAM
  • Statistics


Comparison of SKTools versions
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