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Powerfull maintenance toolkit. Cleaning the registry and the file system, FreeUP RAM, other methods of system maintenance and much more...


  • Clear temporary and cache folders such as IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments and custom user folders
  • Find and delete:
    • temporary, empty and absolete files
    • bad registry keys and values
    • empty registry keys
    • bad shortcuts
    • duplicate shortcuts
    • duplicate notify queue entry/entries
    • files depending on their size or/and names (wipe optional)
    • duplicate files (search by the name,size,crc)
    • empty folders
    • past appointments
    • past tasks
Built-in Uninstaller:
  • Show the list of the installed programs including their size and date
  • Show the list of files and registry keys of the installed programs
  • Uninstall program
  • Save the installed programs list to a text file
       This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM
  • Send hibernation message
  • Imitate the "memory low" situation
System tweaks:
  • more than 20 tweaks in 5 categories
Registry Explorer:
  • Browse registry
  • View keys and values
  • Delete keys and values
  • Create new keys
  • Create/Modify values (REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_BINARY, REG_DWORD)
  • Export/import
  • Backup/restore
  • Search
PIM maintenance:
  • Search for duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks
  • Show past and reccuring appointments
  • Delete PIM data
  • Create, Rename, Delete categories
Notifications Queue:
  • View, add and delete records
  • Find duplicates
Storage card maintenance:
  • Display the card'(s') info (size, slack, ...)
  • Empty
  • Other...
Database maintenance:
  • Show the list of databases (CEDB, EDB)
  • Delete
  • Empty
  • Export/Import to/from an XML file (device and database dependent)
Process list:
  • Show all the processes including the list of process' modules
  • Display the info of memory usage, threads
Windows Startup:
  • Display the list of the programs run at the system's bootup
  • Delete program
  • Add new
  • Programs startup sequence management (device dependent)
CABs Manager :
  • View and manage CAB, CPF on device
  • Show content (files, registry, shortcuts) of CAB, CPF files
  • Files extraction
  • Installation (standard, by system) from CAB files
  • Other...
Automation mode:
  • Run SKtools at the system's bootup
  • Run SKTools every day at the user defined time (powering the device off after the operation is complete)
  • User defined operations list
  • Background mode (run in the background, just LED blinking)
  • Search and replace in Registry
  • Search and delete messages
  • Files backup (SFX)
  • Windows services view and maintenance*
  • Delete ALL contacts, appointments, tasks, messages option
  • Show Messaging Files
  • View and manage SIM contacts
  • View and manage SIM SMS
  • Compact and purge call history
  • System Information
  • Memory Usage - display all the folders including their sizes
  • Command line support (power off, soft reset and more...)
  • Multi-language support ( English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)
  • More...

Compatible with WM5 Smartphones and WM6 Standard.
* some features can be device and OS dependent

Comparison of SKTools versions

Users manual (PDF)

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