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  1. PIE Cache location
  2. PIE Memory location
  3. PIE History location
  4. Messaging files location
  5. EXE and DLL search path
  6. Temporary system folder path
  7. Alternative memory management model (fix memory/storage divider for WM2003(SE))
  8. Ringtones files location
  9. File system cache
  10. Font cache size
  11. View network shares in File Explorer
  12. PNP Unload delay
  13. Boot count
  14. Enable default notification settings
  15. Enable low power notification settings
  16. Disable warning when installing not signed app
  17. Date and time on top bar
  18. Show clock on today screen only
  19. Animate window
  20. Animate menu
  21. Cleartype in landscape mode
  22. Double tap sensibility
  23. Gesture recognition delay
  24. SIP drag style
  25. TCP Window size
  26. Default TTL
  27. TCP Selective Acknowledgment
  28. TCP Time Stamps
  29. IP Multicasting
  30. WLAN 802.11G support
  31. MTU Setting for adapters
  32. Show SMS delivery notification
  33. Do not show "Message sent" notification
  34. GPRS bubble buttons
  35. Call history length
  36. Show SIM items in contacts
  37. Ring script
  38. Folder to be synchronized by AS
  39. File extensions which not need synchronize
  40. ActiveSync ID
  41. AS auto connect
  42. Calendar: work days
  43. Calendar: work hours start
  44. Calendar: work hours end
  45. Show Calendar event text in Week View
  46. Show "busy" status in Calendar Agenda View
  47. Show Lunar Calendar
  48. Run Messaging when cradled
  49. Show date/time in Messaging
  50. Inbox sort order
  51. Don't use SSL with mail servers
  52. Decode HTML messages
  53. Standard PIE downloads path
  54. User agent tweaks for PIE
  55. PIE history cache length
  56. ClearType in PIE
  57. Maximum connections per server for PIE
  58. PIE: Enable "Copy" menu for images
  59. PIE: maximum animated gif per page
  60. PIE: background sound
  61. PIE: reading buffer size
  62. PIE: page width in PC mode
  63. PIE: number of pages for BACK feature
  64. Buttons and SoftKeys tweaks
  65. Scrolling by D-Pad in Word
  66. Scrolling by D-Pad in Notes
  67. Scrollbars width and height tweaks
  68. system and menus font name tweaks
  69. "Show debug information in Windows Media Player" tweak
  70. lock device with a long press of the "end" button (for HTC Touch)
  71. Offline Mode for PIE
  72. Tweak for the wait cursor speed
  73. Messaging "autosave" tweak, this determines the time after which a created but not saved message will be autosaved to the "draft folder"
  74. single line date plugin tweak (WM6)
  75. "ClearType level" tweak
  76. The delay between times when applications can be launched from Windows Startup (WM6.1).
  77. Standard TaskManager refresh settings (WM6.1).
  78. Keep/purge SIM contacts from POutlook when the SIM card is removed (WM6.0 AKU 0.3).
  79. Display roaming icons in Call History (WM6.0).
  80. Interval after which the alarm reminder will be automatically dismissed (WM6.1).
  81. If user forward SMS text "FW:" will be added (WM6.0 AKU 0.6).
  82. A2DP Settings (WM5+).
  83. System authentication Settings (WM6+).
  84. Disable/enable some control panel applets.
  85. PIE as default browser.
  86. Displays or hides the network time zone synchronization user interface on the Clock and Alarms applet (WM6.1).
  87. Disable SMS threaded conversation view (WM6.1).
  88. System font tweaks
  89. Menu font tweaks
  90. Popup menu font tweaks
  91. color tweaks (48)
  92. many custom or user defined tweaks

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