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It's free It's simple - you run it - it gives you the exact time to the second. TSync offers an open interface to allow other programs to pick up the exact time and act on it.

Iain Franklin

Tool for sync time with NIST and SNTP time servers.
Support WM2003(SE), WM5 PocketPC, WM5 Smartphones, WM6 Classic, Professional and Standard.

default (if not exist configuration file sktsync.txt):
tsync.exe #SERVER( #NIST
if defined only #SNTP then used server

If you use #KEEPCACHE parameter then TSync will keep cache file before sync with NIST server

If defined #CONNECT TSync will try establish connection. NOTE: conection can be active after TSync exit.

You can use alias :SKTSYNC for call this program from shortcuts.

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