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This program display last unread message.
You can assign program to hardware button for speed view unread messages.


showlastmsg.exe [#BOX(messaging account)] [/ALL] [/SILENT]

/ALL - ignore READ flag (always display last message)
/SILENT - not show "Not found any unread messages" alert
showlastmsg.exe #BOX(SMS) /silent

Download v.1.0




The program auto-rotate screen on HTC Touch Diamond/O2 Xda Diamond/T-Mobile MDA Compact IV/HTC Touch HD devices (with original ROM).
You can select which programs need exclude. Or possible to setup for which programs ONLY need rotate screen. Also possible switch screen off if you put device with screen on bottom.


Download v.1.8


This program is an installer for CAB files and allows to install PPC programs into the specified folder instead of that by default created by the standard installer. If the folder is not specified, installation will be made into the default folder. If the developer of the program being installed has firmly set the allocation of files in a CAB file - it will be used during the installation.


NOTE: You can use CabInstl with WM5/WM5 for show content of cab files, install and unpack it, BUT system location dialog is prefer and will used anyway.
All CabInstl functions WORKED with WM5/WM6 now included to SKTools 4.x.

              Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee


The program takes a snap-shot of the state of PPC that is useful for monitoring of changes on PPC, e.g. those made during installation of programs. To compare snaps of two different PPC states it is possible to use the utility iDiffCE on your PPC (see below) or any other utilities for comparison of text files on desktop PC e.g. ExamDiff..

What is saved in a snap:

- contents of the registry (keys and valuess);
- listing of the file system (folders and ffiles; for files their dates and sizes are saved, the control sum is counted up);
- state of system databases (the list, the size, number of records, date of the last update).

Usage of the program:

ssnap.exe [the name of a report file]
If the program is started without a parameter, the name of a report file is made up on the base of the current date and time in the following format: ddmmyyhhmmss.snp
At the start the program checks if there exists the file \\My Documents\\ssnap.cfg. If the file exists, the program reads its settings. If the above file does not exist, a new file is created with standard settings - values by default.

Description of keys of the configuration file:

To save the state of the registry (1 by default)
registry 0

To save the state of the file system (1 by default)
files 1

To save the state of databases (1 by default)
databases 1

To count up control sums of the files (1 by default)
crc32 1

Not to include files from ROM in the report file (1 by default)
FileInROM 1

Not to process the files, the names of which contain the specified strings. Up to 10 strings can be specified. (.snp by default)
Exclude .snp
Exclude Storage Card

The folder in which the report file is to be created. This setting is blocked by the parameter of the command line (if available). It should end with \"\\\" (empty by default).

ATTENTION! The report may have a rather big size - from 300K to 700K.

Download v.1.01
NOTE: if you want more functionality and more friendly UI check other our software SKTracker


The utility for comparison of text and binary files, it compares two files and creates a text file with a report on differences.


nScriptm 0.104

Modification nScript by Tomoaki Nakashima.
The functions are added:
Operation with the registry:
rgset, rggetvalue, rgexport, rgimport, rgdeletevalue, rgdeletekey
Operation with strings:
translate, pos, cpconvert, cpaconvert, strtok, parse
Program management:
findwindow, sendkeys, destroywindow, setfwindow, getfwindow, tap,runappattime,shellwait,listwindow,iswindowvisible
Operation with files:
readstr, filesetptr,getfileattributes
Operation with system databases:
Operation with a clipboard:
clipset, clipget
The dialogue functions:
fileopendialog, filesavedialog, folderdialog, msgbox, getsdialog, getcbdialog, playsound

ns.exe [/xmeo] [file.ns] [arg1[ arg2...]]
/x - not close window after execution
/m - hide menu
/o - hide console
/e - strong check code



       Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee


- Shows information about PE files (exe, dll)
- Shows from what dll depends executable file
- Auto detect some other files
- Hexviewer
- Resource (icon, bmp, dialog, string, etc.) viewer/extractor


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