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SKTools is a 'all-in-one' maintenance tool for Windows Mobile. It features all needs to keep your PPC alive and - even better - improves speed and memory. It's easy to use. Even unexperienced users should not have a problem using it. Really worth buying!

Alex Januschewsky

Most complete swiss knife for ppc full compatible with wm6.

Paolo D'orazio

One of the best...has been for years!

Ben Stanley

It is the number one cleanup utility, I used it the first time for notification queue issues. Ever since, I used it to clean my temp files, invalid registry entries, empty pocket pc databases, find duplicate/missing shortcuts, etc. It is a swiss army knife of utilities.

Remzi Semsettin Turer

Allows you to optimize and keep your system running clean all the time. It uninstalls programs and orphans in your your registry, optimizes your device, clears memory of temporary files. Also provides a backup of your registry before changes as well as a full device backup.

Steven Hughes

Best all-in-one system tool!

Werner Ruotsalainen

Very powerful and simple interface, but the level of choices can be fairly daunting for a newcomer.

Jen Edwards

Monitor, tweak, backup, cleanup…does it all!

Nate Adcock

Extremely useful addon, for the advanced and basic user. offers numerous abilities. One of the first software I installed after a fresh Hard reset of my device. Keep on doing the excellent job!

Amir Keren

This multi-function application includes more than 60 tools and allows an easy but powerful maintenance of Windows Mobile devices. Clean up your registry and file system, free-up RAM, backup and restore, find duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks. SKTools can manage installed applications, Today plugins, software keyboards.


  • Clear temporary and cache folders such as IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Terminal Server client cache, Opera cache, NetFront cache and custom user folders
  • Find and delete:
    • temporary, empty and obsolete files
    • bad registry keys and values
    • empty registry keys
    • bad shortcuts
    • duplicate shortcuts
    • duplicate notify queue entry/entries
    • bad uninstall info
    • files depending on their size or/and names (wipe optional)
    • duplicate files (search by the name,size,crc)
    • MS Reader bookmarks (taking into account the bookmark's in-use/not-in-use status)
    • empty folders
    • past appointments
  • Delete PIE history (registry)
Built-in Uninstaller:
  • Show the list of the installed programs including their size and date
  • Show the list of files and registry keys of the installed programs
  • Uninstall program
  • Create CAB file(s) from installed program(s) (WM5/6)
  • Save the installed programs list to a text file
       This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM
  • Send hibernation message
  • Compact Heaps (WM5 only)
  • Imitate the "memory low" situation
  • Close tasks
  • Scheduler for silent background start
  • FreeUP RAM Service
System tweaks:
  • more than 90 tweaks in 13 categories
  • custom (user defined) tweaks from external files
Registry Explorer :
  • Browse registry
  • View keys and values
  • Delete keys and values
  • Create new keys
  • Create/Modify values (REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_BINARY, REG_DWORD)
  • Export (Unicode REGEDIT5)
  • Import (Unicode REGEDIT5, REGEDIT4)
  • Backup/restore
  • Convert REG files to CAB files (WM5/6)
  • Search
CABs Manager and CABInstl :
  • View and manage CAB, CPF and TSK files on device
  • Show content (files, registry, shortcuts) of CAB, CPF and TSK files
  • Files extraction
  • Installation ("standard" and "by SKTools") from CAB files
  • "Installer" - one executable file from multiple CAB files, registry data, folders and files
  • Other...
Move Data :
  • Move Installed Programs
  • Move folders
  • Move files
  • Other...
Notifications Queue:
  • View, enable/disable, add and delete records
  • Find duplicates
Network Tools:
  • Ping
  • Trace Route
  • Port Scanner
  • Lookup
  • Whois
  • Information
  • Auto (may be disabled) backup of a registry key prior to its deletion
  • Full system backup (may not work correctly in some cases with certain devices)
  • Sheduled full backup
  • SFX full backup files
  • Storage cards backup
  • Independent registry, filesystem, databases, PIM, ActiveSync Partnership, MSReader activation backup
  • Self backup
  • Password protection for the backup files
  • Find and restore all of the SKTools backup files
  • Good compression of the backup files
Storage card maintenance:
  • Display the card(s) info (size, ID, slack, ...)
  • Format, Scan and Fix (hardware dependent)
  • Empty
  • Rename
  • Other...
Database maintenance:
  • Show the list of databases (CEDB, EDB)
  • Delete, Empty
  • View content, find and replace text
  • Export/Import to/from an XML file (device and database dependent)
Process list:
  • Show all the processes including the list of process' modules
  • Display the info of memory usage, threads, command line
  • Close one or selected processes
Windows Startup:
  • Display the list of the programs run at the system's bootup
  • Delete program
  • Add new
  • Programs startup sequence management (device dependent)
PIM and Messaging:
  • View and manage PIM categories
  • View and manage tasks
  • View and manage recurring appointments
  • Find and manage past appointments
  • Find and manage duplicate appointments
  • Find and manage duplicate tasks
  • Find and manage duplicate contacts
  • View and manage SIM contacts (PocketPC PE)
  • View and manage text messages stored on your SIM (PocketPC PE)
  • Manage Messaging files
  • Find and delete messages
  • Delete ALL contacts, appointments, tasks, messages and mail accounts
  • Export/import contacts, appointments, tasks, messages
  • Set ringtones to contacts with selected category
  • Show all contacts or search by substring
  • Add/remove category
  • Delete selected contacts
  • "Replace" operation (replace text in selected field(s))
  • "Set" operation (set text for selected field)
  • Set Ringtone for selected contacts
  • Set picture for selected contacts or contacts category
  • Import Birthdays and Anniversary to Calendar
Automation mode:
  • Run SKTools at the system's bootup
  • Run SKTools every day at the user defined time (powering the device off after the operation is complete)
  • User defined operations list
  • Background mode (run in the background, just LED blinking)
  • Shadow Services
  • Registry optimization for WM5/WM6
  • Windows services maintenance
  • CPU usage
  • Search and replace in Registry
  • Delete ALL contacts, appointments, tasks, messages option
  • Show Messaging Files
  • Show Replaced ROM files
  • View and manage Today plugins
  • View and manage Input methods
  • Compact and purge call history (PocketPC PE)
  • Windows list
  • File Explorer
  • System Information
  • Storage Analizer - display all the folders including their sizes, display all files by types, attributes etc..
  • Change the location of PIE cache, PIE history, PIE coockies, AvantGO data, NetFront cach, Messaging (outlook) files
  • System optimization option
  • Soft and Hard(for certain devices) reset
  • Command line support (screen off/on,power off, soft/hard reset and more...)
  • Shortcut Wizard
  • Change system files paths (you can move some dlls from the windows folder to any location, for example to storage cards)
  • Multi-language support ( English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese)
  • Free updates from SKTools 4.xx.xx to SKTools 4.yy.yy versions
  • More...

Compatible** with WM5 Pocket PC (Phone Edition), WM6 WM6.1 WM6.5 Classic and Professional
* some features can be device and OS dependent
** for WM2003(SE) use SKTools, for PPC2002 - SKTools 2.3.34
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Users manual (PDF)
Comparison of SKTools versions

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