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Completely adjusted menu, launcher, task manager.

Make your menu!

  • Freely positionable SKMenu symbol on Today screen/Task /Tray bar
  • Freely positionable SKMenu symbol as indicator with status display
  • Indicator modes: digital, graphic
  • Menu "New" emulation
  • Standard menu mode
  • Full screen menu mode
  • "Standard Taskbar" mode
  • Freely selectable SKMenu symbol size
  • Freely selectable fonts (name, size, type)
  • Freely selectable color for menu text
  • Freely selectable color for menu highlighted text
  • Screenshot option (QVGA,VGA)
  • Freely selectable sound (.wav) for Screenshot option
  • Clear Type On/Off
  • Freely definable colors for SKMenu window like symbol background, fonts, separators, window background, highlight background)
  • Freely selectable color for menu font
  • Freely selectable color for separator line
  • Freely selectable size for separator line
  • Freely selectable color for highlight background
  • Skinnable Menu window background (picture support .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
  • Assumption of actual theme for Menu window background
  • Wallpaper effects: Tile/Stretch
  • Import/Export function for skins
  • Direct access to system settings
  • Direct access to all SKTools Options (registered SKTools required)
  • Launch selectable menu or command of user tap on SKMenu window
  • Launch selectable menu or command of user tap on SKMenu tray icon
  • Launch selectable menu or command of user tap on SKMenu battery indicator
  • Launch any program from menu
  • Freely selectable icons for shortcuts
  • Access and list any folder from menu
  • Move shortcuts on tray bar
  • Integrated commands with symbols for soft reset, hard reset, power off, screen off, refresh today screen, back to today screen, screen rotation (WM2003SE, WM5)
  • Task Manager > close, close all, close all except active task
  • Freely positionable Task Swith Panel (WM2003(SE)/WM5)
  • Stop processes (Freely definable)
  • Copy, Cut, Paste option
  • SIP On/Off option
  • Hardware buttons mapper
  • Call function for Pocket PC Phone Edition devices
  • Favorite option (remember and list the 10 most used programs)
  • Words option (use favorite words/phrase to put in edit window)
  • SIP selection menu
  • Search function like Start menu
  • Help function like Start menu
  • Add/remove menu entries
  • Preview function in menu editor
  • FreeUP RAM Service

  • Multilingual
  • QVGA/VGA Support
  • WM2003/WM2003SE/WM5 PocketPC compatible
  • Sorry, from version 1.2.160 SKMenu not support PocketPC2002!

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  • Typical configuration.

    You can call menu or command
    with tap and tap-and-hold
    on this task bar area:
    (1) Start button, (2) Radio icon,
    (3) Volume icon, (4) Close button.

    Other configuration.

    Samples of indicator.
    You may assign action or menu on tap or tap-and-hold.

    Samples of Close/Ok button.

    Menu samples.

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