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SKScheMa is a multi-functional scheduler allowing to automatically perform different actions at the time specified as well as to perform actions depending on other programs being launched/closed.
The program can be used as an advanced alarm clock and also as a reminder.

For example, the program makes it possible to set the following tasks:
“to launch a backup program at 0.40 every Tuesday during January and February 2006”
“to awake the owner daily during a week with different sound files”
“to establish a GPRS connection if a mail client or PocketIE is launched”…

Watch for some phone events like rings, answer, hangup, power state, SMS.
SKScheMa can run command/script/program for all this events.

SKScheMa features:*
  • runs programs, plays sound files at the specific time, with the specified periodicity
  • shows a reminder at the time specified along with a signal (a sound file, vibro). A reminder can be postponed.
  • sends SMS at the time specified
  • makes a phone call at the time specified (it is very useful when somebody should be woken up automatically)
  • switched PDA on and off and makes a soft reset at the time specified
  • closes the indicated programs at the time specified
  • clones an event (for example, to beep every 25 min within 5 hrs)
  • change today theme at the time specified
  • switches a phone on and off (PIN-code input is possible), BT and Wi-Fi on/off
  • emulates a screen tap or a keyboard input
  • supports scripts which are to be executed at the time specified as well as directly from Explorer or with a shortcut in Start Menu
  • watches launched and closed programs (by window name) and performs different actions for these events
  • watch phone events
  • watch new messages
  • watch storage card (if inserted/removed)
  • watch power and battery state
  • watch for registry (WM5+)
  • has an adjustable Today plug-in showing the most immediate tasks and also used for a quick-launch of SKScheMa
  • it is possible to create frequently used sets of events
  • FreeUP RAM Service New!
  • many other features
  • QVGA, VGA support
  • WM2003(SE) WM5 Pocket PC (Phone Edition), WM6 WM6.1 WM6.5 Classic and Professional compatible

    Options for event scheduling in SKScheMa:
    1. The simplest option – the time is specified. The event will occur daily at this time. This is a setting by default.
    2. The same as (1), but the event will occur only once.
    3. Launch on certain days of a week.
    4. Launch on certain days of a month.
    5. Indication of certain month and year.
    6. Launch on he Nth day of the current/specified month (e. g. every third Tuesday of March, April and July).
    7. As an extra, via ‘Sequence script’ – it is possible to specify a sequence of runs (e. g. 3 scheduled runs are performed, the next one is skipped).

    Options can be combined but it is necessary to make sure that they do not exclude one another.

    * some features can be device and OS dependent

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